We offer free and long-term specialist counselling to support you with your grief.


We have specialist baby bereavement counsellors who can support you and this service is free and available for as long as you need it. Counselling offers a therapeutic relationship for you to explore your grief in a more structured way and our counsellors are trained to guide you through the grieving process, supporting you after the death of your precious and much-loved baby. This is an extension to all our other services we offer and you can access this on its own or alongside other services. This is a confidential service governed by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and COSCA, Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland.

Grief is something that everyone goes through at some stage in their life. However, this is not the case with the loss of a baby or child as there are far fewer families who experience the death of their own child. This can lead to you feeling extremely isolated and alone in your journey. The grieving process is not linear but is a process that everyone who is experiencing grief will go through.  For some people, they may become stuck in the
process and need a little help to enable them to move forward. The loss of a baby or child can lead to very complex thoughts and feelings and counselling can help to explore these and make sense of what’s happened.

The relationship which you develop with your counsellor should offer you a safe, non-judgemental and empathic space to explore your loss and inevitably other factors within your life which contribute to you feeling stuck within the grieving process.

Our Counsellors

I didn’t access the counselling service at Held In Our Hearts until after my fourth loss. I had been going to support groups for nearly 2 years before but after speaking to a friend who had told me about how much it had helped her, I decided to give it a go. Jeni was great and made me feel really comfortable and able to talk about how things were. It wasn’t always about my losses, it was about how I was coping, how other parts of my life were. It was a chance to talk and share without worrying about saying the wrong thing. I looked forward to going and always felt lighter afterwards. I really did not think counselling would ever by my ‘thing’ but I was surprised by how beneficial I felt it to be. It helped to get me through some really tough times and it helped me to find some perspective when I needed it. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.