Parents’ films

If you are a newly bereaved parent, we hope that these touching stories from other families about their precious babies, will give you some comfort at this difficult time.

Parents’ Films

We truly believe that it is impossible to fully understand the impact and pain the loss of your own baby brings unless you have experienced this yourself.  This is why we have decided to film parents talking about their own personal experiences.  Everyone’s story is different and we all have a story to tell.  It is our babies’ legacies and our love stories.  All the families volunteered to tell their story and we are very grateful to them for being so brave and open.  We hope this provides an honest insight into loss.

If you are a newly bereaved parent, we hope these beautiful and touching stories make you feel less alone at this painful time and give you hope.

Some of you might also find this website, ‘healthtalk’, helpful and it focuses on families talking about the loss of their baby under 24 weeks.

For all professionals, please email us should you wish to show any of our films during study days or training.  These may prove very useful to staff in providing a greater understanding of baby loss.

Our Parents’ films

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