Peer Support

Peer Supporters are bereaved parents who have completed a training course and can give reassurance, comfort and support

Peer Support

We recognise that the loss of your baby is incredibly traumatic and support at this time can be hugely beneficial. It can be an extremely lonely time as you may struggle to find others who understand the confusing feelings and overwhelming emotions you are experiencing.

Peer Supporters are bereaved parents who have completed our training course and are qualified to support you. They will be at least a year bereaved and feel they are in a place to provide compassionate and flexible support. We will do our best to allocate a Peer Supporter who has had a similar experience to you. They can meet you in person and are also available to chat by phone, email and through our closed Facebook groups.

If you think you would benefit from this kind of support or if you are interested in becoming a Peer Supporter please get in touch using the details below.

Our Peer Supporters