Twin and Multiple Loss Bereavement Support

This group offers you compassionate support and understanding from other families who have shared similar experiences.

Twin and Multiple Loss Bereavement Support

This group is a place to get support and meet others who have experienced something similar. Just as carrying and bringing twins into the world is different to that of a single baby, the loss of a twin or twins and multiples also has its differences and this group enables twin and multiple parents to support each other through these challenges. You can join our Facebook closed group here and chat with others who understand. You can also email us on to join our WhatsApp group, where we share details of all upcoming support, including dates for support groups.

You are welcome to join with a partner or friend, as we appreciate that attending your first meeting can be daunting. Our meetings are facilitated by a trained Peer Supporter and are relaxed and informal, allowing you the chance to have a chat or just listen and hopefully make new friends too. There is never any pressure for you to discuss your experience.

If you are planning to come to your first meeting, please feel free to get in touch to join a little earlier than the start time, if you think this would help.

There are no upcoming events.

“It’s rare in life that you experience extreme love and joy at the same time as grief and utter sadness.  It’s particularly lonely as other people in your life will focus only on the joy and avoid talking about your devastating loss.  The twin loss group was instantly a place of understanding; a place where it’s safe to be sad without judgement.”
Debbie, bereaved mum

“I just wanted to say how grateful l am that this page has been set up and for the zoom call… When we found out we were expecting twins I remember feeling like we were part of an exclusive club. And whilst this isn’t the club I imagined being a part of, it’s nice to know we’re not the only members ❤️”. Denise, bereaved mum.