These Precious Little People


This book was created in loving memory of all babies gone too soon. The author, Frankie Brunker, experienced the death of her first baby, Esme, so knows just how painful it is for a family to have to say goodbye to a precious little on and how difficult it can be to explain what happened to any living children affected.

She was inspired to write this book after seeking a picture book that could explain to children within her family what had happened to Esme honestly and straightforwardly, but also in a beautiful and moving way. She connected with an experienced and talented illustrator, Gillian Gamble, to help create a supportive resource for families the world over that is going to do credit to how precious all of these little people really are. It has been designed so that anyone in need of it can use this book as a way to provide a more positive focus during times of grief and to help remember these precious little people with love and pride.

*Available to families across Scotland

**For NHS orders, please contact, thank you*