Highlands expansion continues to support bereaved parents

After 26 years of providing specialist baby loss counselling and peer support in the Lothian region, we have expanded our specialist care to the Highlands. This expansion will now allow us to support more bereaved parents and families during incredibly challenging times. The expansion of service provision in the region is further supported by the development of the Indigo Room—located within the Glen Mhor Hotel and Apartments—is a space in which we will be able to meet with bereaved parents and families in-person.

A bereaved parent that we support, Erin, stated: “As a family we have been receiving support from the charity Held In Our Hearts for over 18 months now after one of our twins was unfortunately stillborn – our beautiful boy Connall – his sister Thea was thankfully healthy and so we began the strangest period of our lives – with true joy and happiness for one baby and utter devastation for the other. It’s difficult to explain the tug of war of emotions that are felt, scrambling through the darkness as we attempted to navigate the world of baby loss while in the very early days of grieving and at the same time nurturing our newborn, grateful for Thea’s health and craving Connall in equal measure.

We have leaned on the charity at numerous times since then for support, bereavement counselling, online and face to face meetings with bereaved families, therapy, and important to our situation – a twin loss specific group which has connected me with other mums – sharing experiences has been vital in understanding what I feel and how I react is completely normal, helping to deal with the isolation that bereaved parents feel. My husband also joined a Held In Our Hearts Dads’ Chat to connect with Dad’s experiencing baby loss.

We are delighted Held In Our Hearts has now launched in Highland and is supporting families from the very beginning. Mixed emotions as it’s hard to think of anyone else experiencing the pain that we do but also knowing how vital the correct support is in helping families to deal with life after loss, while keeping the memory of their precious baby very much alive.”

More information regarding our Highlands expansion can be found by contacting us at info@heldinourhearts.org.uk.