The IMO Crib

For the last 3 years, we have been part of the paramedic programme at Queen Margaret University amongst a few other University’s offering the relatively new degree in Paramedic Science. It raises awareness of the need for compassionate care both in the home and during the transportation to hospital when a family are experiencing loss at any gestation.

Many families sadly miscarry at home or find themselves bleeding and paramedics are called for support. It is critical this time is managed well as these moments can cause PTSD for families.

We were delighted to welcome some of the 3rd year students to present their project to us regarding designing a little extendable crib so every baby has a dignified ‘bed’ especially for the tiny little ones. We look forward to continuing our conversation.

“Myself, four other students, and one of our lecturers from Queen Margaret University recently had the brilliant opportunity to discuss a project we had been working on with Nicola and Heather at Held in Our Hearts. The project came from a course module designed to recognise an area and design a service improvement project within the ambulance service. Around the time of studying for this module, members of my family experienced baby loss. Discussion amongst our group revealed similar experiences of baby loss, through their friends and family members. Whilst on paramedic placement, other third year students discussed attending calls involving the loss of a baby where there was no appropriate option for the transport of these infants in the ambulance. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the only options available for ambulance crews had been takeaway tubs or plastic bags as a conveyance vessel. The compassionate and detailed care provided to my family during their baby loss in the hospital setting with Held in our Hearts provided inspiration for this project. Our service improvement design was to create a dignified method of transportation to bring some of the respect and compassionate care given to families in the hospital environment, into the prehospital setting. Following our meeting with Held in our Hearts, we hope to continue to collaborate, raise awareness, and work towards implementing this in the future.”

(Hannah Russell – 3rd year Paramedic Science Student at Queen Margaret University)

Please share below if you have stories you would like to share about paramedic involvement with baby loss as we always include a parent speaker at our training days. We hope this project gives hope and comfort.