Millie’s story about her beautiful baby boy Charlie ?x

Over the following week, we will be sharing real life stories, podcasts and films ❤️? Baby Loss Awareness Week is an opportunity to give bereaved families a voice, to reach out to those who perhaps feel isolated in their grief and encourage a wider awareness of the impact of baby loss. We understand that this Week might bring up memories of your own loss and could be triggering. We want to remind you to be gentle on yourself and we are here for you, if you need to talk to one of the team ??

This is Millie’s story about her son Charlie – “I was just coming up 18 weeks pregnant. At the end of January when I went into hospital with belly pain with my first pregnancy , I then delivered my little beautiful baby boy at 18 weeks pregnant on the 1st of February 13.05pm. This was the hardest time ever getting told I was going lose my baby boy and that I had to go through the labour, but when Charlie was delivered he was so small but so perfect and you could tell he was going have his daddy’s looks. After the birth I was in hospital for 5 days getting IV medication in me for my infection I had. During that time I got to spend the most amazing time as a family with our little baby boy Charlie, to cuddle him, kiss him just look at how perfect he was. Times were hard and I didn’t think I was even going to be able to stand on this earth losing my first child but we done it as a family and even though it was hard it was the best day of my life getting to spend all that time and take photos to make the most memories to always look back on!! We got Charlie buried at the Craigmillar Cemetery and we go and visit as much as we can to see our little prince. This is my story about my baby loss at 18 weeks pregnant to the most beautiful baby boy called Charlie lumsden ?.”