New partnership with the brilliant team at Pure Electric

We are absolutely delighted to be joining forces with Pure Electric Edinburgh. ❤️Huge thank you to Mark Anderson store manager who along with his team will be undertaking two huge challenges to support us this year ? A massive thank you to Mark and Darren too who are part of the team ❤️Their first challenge in June will be Length of Scotland starting at Tongue at the top and finishing in Coldstream.. over 500km and over 5000metres of climbing.. we are aiming to complete within 24 hours.. the current record is around 18 hours Event 2Lands end John o groats… point A to point B as fast as we can 995miles if we don’t get lost.. The plan is to tackle this event as non stop relay team so always 2 riders on the road minimum at a time.. 4 hour blocks all the way.. with the target of under 48 hours .We are hugely grateful to you all for your incredible support ??If you can pop in and see our banner on display and say hello to the lovely team x