Our Heart to Heart campaign launches

As a charity we always want to ensure that our ‘ask’ for donations is kind, compassionate, and genuine. We understand that finances are a sensitive issue, but we also know that people want to, and are willing to help families who have experienced bereavement, particularly during the pandemic. Our Heart to Heart Campaign is offering you the opportunity to donate towards the items we gift to families in hospital. You can gift these items in our shop now here*. Your donation will provide invaluable support, and will help to continue creating and maintaining compassionate bonds between families and their precious baby. Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting items across our social media that you can virtually buy and donate towards; and as a thank you, we will be sending you a beautifully crafted thank you card in honour of your kindness and compassion. ?

February is traditionally the month of love; so show kindness to one another, show kindness to yourself; and remember, “Love is a light that shines from Heart To Heart”. ?

*please note that you cannot purchase these items for yourself. This is a virtual gifting to bereaved families