Our new theme for April x

Our Theme for the month of April is: Fragility, and our monthly flower is the Cherry Blossom. In Japanese culture the cherry blossoms are symbolic of spring – specifically a time of renewal. They also represent the fragility and transience of life, with many people believing that cherry blossoms are metaphors for human existence. For bereaved parents, they know only too well the fragility of life after experiencing the loss of their baby who has only been in their life for days, weeks or months. The cherry blossoms may only be here for a short while, however they bloom with such incredible beauty, and much like our precious babies, we hold the memory of their beauty close to our hearts 💖🌈 In this month we unite as a supportive community, and much like the cherry blossoms – we acknowledge the fragility of life, and use this as an opportunity to remember and reflect upon our babies who touched our life and cherished forever xx