Our new theme for May x

Our theme for the month of May is: Connection, and our monthly flower is the Forget-Me-Nots. Not only do the beautiful Forget-Me-Nots symbolise true and undying love, they also are used to symbolise a connection that endures all challenges and measures of time 🌈 Our core values are empathy, connection and love and one of our gifts to our families is a packet of forget me not seeds as we know planting, nurturing and watching flowers grow can be very symbolic of grief and can give comfort. Our connection comes through our person centred approach to bereavement care. We provide support to families by phone, email/text, in person, via groups or through events. We all journey at our own pace and we are guided by what each individual family needs. We all grieve differently and our support needs to adapt to recognise this 💞 During this month we remember our connections through our babies. Just like the Forget-Me-Nots our connection to our babies will endure all challenges and lasts a lifetime.