Take One Step At A Time x

The first day of a New Year can bring mixed emotions, but can mark the chance of new opportunities, fresh hope, and to start the year as you mean to go on. It can also be a challenging time for bereaved parents as they either leave the year their baby died or start another year without them. Whilst New Year 2021 is full of uncertainty for us all, we want to enter this time together, challenging ourselves physically, which is the concept behind our January campaign, ‘One Step At A Time’.

‘One Step At A Time’ encourages you to literally step out into 2021, by either going for a walk or a run everyday, and using this small step to build yourself a routine that promotes a healthy body, mind, and soul. We hope this campaign will help to keep your spirits high, engage our families and supporters, and enable you to find the motivation and determination to not only leave the house for a short while, but to also bring a healthy start to your new year! Sometimes we simply don’t know where to start but we know we can do it together…. one step at a time! ?