Thank you to all our amazing knitters

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all our wonderful knitters and remind them about the support that they are giving families through the beautiful items that they make. Our Chief Executive, Nicola recently received an email which she has been given permission to share.

“My son and daughter in law recently delivered my grandson Hugh. The fact that they could have Hugh dressed in a little hat and wrapped in a tiny blanket helped them so much. Since this time, I have been wanting to help other bereaved parents. I hope that by knitting any gowns, hats, blankets etc I could help other parents. Please could you send me a knitting pattern featuring which items you require.”

Thank you Shelly for wishing to support us in this way. We hope this is a reminder that all your little items give so much comfort and touch the parents and extended family members at a difficult time in their life. This can make such a difference to their grief. Thank you xx