Vinay and Selvi’s story of their much loved daughter Aarunya

“On 11th November 2018, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. We named her Aarunya (meaning the first rays of morning sun) as she was born in the early hours. She filled our hearts with so much joy and happiness that we were looking forward to all the exciting times ahead. However, after mere 6 hours, she left us forever. From the happiest and brightest moment of our lives to the most unexpected and darkest moment within hours in a single day. As a father, I wanted to do something to help my little one and my wife Selvi, but I was just standing there helpless. I took 2 rides to home that day morning, one in which I was elated with such a pure joy of being a father and second in which I was numb and helpless (in a span of 6h). How do I gather myself so that I can support my wife?
After a couple of days, I contacted Sands Lothians (now Held In Our Hearts) and was addressed by Nicky. After hearing the story, the first thing she asked was the name of our daughter (as I merely mentioned that we lost our baby). While this might sound a very simple question but I felt the greatest pride in answering that my DAUGHTER’S name is AARUNYA. From then on, me and Selvi had several sessions with Nicky and during these sessions had the opportunity to meet several lovely people like Tracy, Angie, Kirsty and others. The support of Held In Our Hearts has been phenomenal and filled with so much love and care. This support has helped us embrace life and feel our daughter’s presence in our day to day life. We have now moved back to India but the support from Held In Our Hearts is always there. I refer here a quote from the famous poet, Rumi “ You dance inside my chest where no one sees you but I do“. We both are very thankful to Held In Our Hearts organization for enabling us to see and feel our beloved daughter. Their work is exceptional for comforting bereaved parents.” Vinay and Selvi x