Warm welcome to our new team member Gemma!

Meet our newest Befriender and team member Gemma Brady. Gemma is a trained Befriender and will be befriending parents as well as supporting our knitting and shop volunteers. Gemma is also running our grandparents group as well as parent and toddler. Here’s a little about Gemma in her own words –

“Six years ago I become a Mummy when my beautiful little girl Tilly was born. Sadly when Tilly was twenty five days old she died of Sepsis after contracting an infection. When my little girl died, she took a piece of my heart away and that hole was filled with so much grief, sadness, pain and so much more I can’t explain in words. Over the years I have learned that, that gap in my heart is now filled with lots of different feelings, however they have become gentler to live with, I am so proud of my beautiful girl who has shaped me into who I am today.
My new position at Held In Our Hearts means Tilly lives on, and through Tilly I get the honour of meeting families and hearing about their much loved babies. I am here as a befriender to listen to your story and to support you as you journey with your grief.”

Gemma has been one of the team since February but the pandemic has stalled us sharing! Please join us in welcoming her onboard xx