In loving memory of Darcey and Lucy x

Sandie and Grant sadly lost twins when 23 weeks pregnant in 2013. Both believed they were managing ok as they had both returned to work fairly quickly as like many others, who lose a baby under 24 weeks pregnant, they were not entitled to maternity leave. They carried on as best they could until they fell pregnant again and realised they were struggling more than they realised and reached out for help. Nicola met them a number of times and continued to support them throughout the pregnancy and beyond via emails, telephone chats and in person over the last 5 years. The family have held many fundraisers during this time and have raised thousands of pounds for the charity and last year commissioned a memorial bench for the new Almondell cemetery in East Calder. They designed two little birds to sit on the top of the bench to symbolise Darcey and Lucy, their precious girls and have their initials engraved on the birds backs. They recently had friends and family gather to recognise the girls 5th birthday. The couple feel proud knowing there is a lasting legacy to their daughters and they hope the bench will bring comfort to others and remind them they are not alone and to encourage them to reach out just as they did – ‘Fly wee birdies to your new nest free to chirp, free to sing a song of no end.’ x