Snowdrop day at Hopetoun House

The sun shone for us all on our first Snowdrop Event at the weekend at Hopetoun House a sure sign that our little ones were with us. It was so nice to come together as one big family and enjoy some delicious baking and tea/coffee organised for us in the amazing stables tearoom setting. We are all united from loss but hopeful, like the small snowdrop emerging from the ground, that we will continue to grow and face the sun and multiply in strength each year just like the snowdrop. This beautiful flower is a symbol of hope and as each family planted their own precious snowdrops, we were all hopeful for our futures whilst remembering our pasts.
Many thanks to all the families who attended. Huge thanks also to Louisa Kerr, Angela McDevitt and Maree Morrison from Hopetoun House for all their help in making today possible. We are so grateful to you all.
We hope this will become an annual event and look forward to visiting the site where we planted our snowdrops next year and to see them grow x